Nineteen years after Al Qaeda attacked America, the terror threat to the United States has “changed and it’s morphed over the years,” Acting Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf told “Special Report” Friday.”From a threat perspective, we still see a number of the traditional threats that we battled on 9/11,” Wolf told host Bret Baier. “[We see in] counterterrorism some of the foreign terrorist organizations that are still certainly a threat to the homeland, but we see more of a domestic threat here in the country as well over the last several years.CHILDREN BORN ON 9/11 WILL VOTE FOR FIRST TIME IN NOVEMBER”The threat has changed and it’s morphed over the years,” Wolf added, “but we continue to do the work at the department to confront all threats.”Baier noted that in February, FBI Director Chris Wray had confirmed that the FBI is engaged in active domestic terrorism investigations in all 50 states.”The lone, homegrown offender that is going to do some kind of incident here in the homeland is certainly a concern for the department,” Wolf agreed. “That’s the threat we are focused on today.SCHIFF REVEALS NEW WHISTLEBLOWER COMPLAINT ALLEGING SUPPRESSION OF RUSSIAN ELECTION INTERFERENCE INTEL REPORTS”As you’ve seen in the last several years, most of the attacks on the homeland have come from lone offenders or small cells of individuals,” he added. “And that’s where the focus is and again, we do all threats at the department, so while we are focused on one, we certainly do focus on the wide range of threats based on the homeland.”Wolf also responded to a whistleblower complaint filed earlier this week that alleged the department suppressed reports concerning Russian election interference, calling it “completely false” and “a fabrication.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”We have been very clear regarding Russia interference in our elections …” Wolf said. “We have produced over 227 different reports over the last 12 months, I believe three alone in the month of August. We provided over 40 different briefings, in-person briefings, to members of Congress … about Russian interference in our elections. I have talked about it in media appearances such as this, I have talked about it in congressional testimony and I have talked about it even this week in my state of the homeland security address.”We have been very clear about making sure that we call out Russia,” he concluded. “The administration has been very clear on this.”
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