The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released an ad on Friday, detailing Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s (D) supposed record of cronyism and exploitation of Montana taxpayers.
The NRSC ad exposes how Bullock’s brother, Bill Bullock, and his company, Pioneer Technical Services (PTS), received more than $14 million in state contracts.

New 📺 ad in Montana@SteveBullockMT: helping himself, helping his family, but hurting Montana. #MTSen #mtpol
— The Senate Majority (@NRSC) August 14, 2020
Bullock hopes to unseat Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) during the 2020 election.
NSRC spokesperson Nathan Brand said in a statement Friday that Montanans cannot trust a Democrat that is owned by Washington, DC, special interests and grants benefits to his family. He said:
Democrat Steve Bullock has pushed for tax hikes for Montanans, all while he used state patrol as personal security on his failed presidential run and while his brother’s company received millions in state taxpayer-funded contacts. Montanans can’t trust a Democrat in the pocket of Washington special interests who only looks out for himself and the allies who help him get what he want.
The transcript of the ad details how Bullock has only worked to benefit his family to the detriment of Montana taxpayers. The ad reads:

What’s behind that Steve Bullock smile? An ambitious governor who exploits Montana taxpayers. Like the 14 million in state contracts paid to his brother’s company. Using state troopers as his personal security detail while abandoning his job to run for President. Bullock did find time to push for almost 300 million in new taxes and fees. Steve Bullock. Helping himself. Helping his family. Hurting Montana. Think about that.

Daines recently told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow he and the Senate Republican majority are the “firewall for freedom” that protects the country from the liberal mob.”Steve Bullock doesn’t share our Montana values, he’s with the liberal mob,” Harrington added.
Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3. 

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