Two Denver, Colorado, healthcare employees were caught on camera Sunday blocking protests against the state’s stay-at-home order prompted by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Photojournalist Alyson McClaran told the New York Times that the pair of healthcare employees stood in the street to block protesters that had congregated Colorado capitol for “Operation Gridlock” to challenge Gov. Jared Polis’ (D) lockdown rules.

“They were blocking the roads until the police force stepped in,” McClaran said. “People were putting their cars right up against them.”

One video posted to social media shows a man in scrubs and a mask standing in front of a grey pick-up truck with a woman holding a sign that read “Land of the Free.”

Two nurses, who have witnessed first hand the toll Covid is taking in Colorado, stood up and peacefully counter protested. Here is how they were treated. I had join them.

— Marc Zenn (@MarcZenn) April 19, 2020

“Go to China if you want communism,” the woman is seen shouting at the man. “You can go to work, why can’t I go to work?”

The worker did not appear to respond. reports:

Coloradans in both political parties have generally given Polis a lot of leeway as he’s exercised extraordinary powers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the weeks of economic and social lockdown continue, opposition is galvanizing. […] This weekend’s protests may bring those sentiments to a new stage. In addition to the Sunday event in Denver, a driving protest is also being organized in Grand Junction Saturday.

As of Friday night, Facebook pages for the Denver demonstration showed about 800 people planning to attend, with more interested. The main page, Operation Gridlock Denver, calls for people to stay in their cars and drive around the Colorado state Capitol, halting traffic (Note: As of Saturday afternoon, the Facebook event had been removed) […] The organizers ask attendees to stand apart and wear masks “for everyone’s safety,” while urging policy makers to “Open Everything Now!”

As of Monday, Colorado has over 9,700 coronavirus cases and 420 deaths, according to data tracked by Johns Hopkins University.

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