President Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned the decision made by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to reopen businesses where social distancing would be difficult.

“I told the governor of Georgia that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities which are in violation of the phase one guidelines,” Trump said during the White House press briefing.

Kemp said Monday that businesses like nail salons, massage therapists, bowling alleys, and gyms could open as soon as Friday.

The plan jumps ahead of federal guidelines of “phase one” reopening, where strict social distancing is advised.

 “I think it is too soon,” Trump said. 

Trump revealed that he had a call with Kemp to discuss the governor’s decision and, although he said he disagreed with him, he wanted him to do what he felt was right.

“I want him to do what he thinks is right, but I disagree with what he is doing,” Trump said.

The president urged the people of Georgia to be patient.

 “They can wait a little bit longer because safety has to predominate,” Trump said. 

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