Tom Cruise has taken a big step toward returning to pre-coronavirus life — by visiting a movie theater.Cruise, 58, recently saw “Tenet” in a theater and has now shared his new-age moviegoing experience with the world.”Tenet,” set to hit American theaters on Sept. 3 after international releases in the weeks prior, is a large-budget Christopher Nolan-directed film set to serve as a test of box office strength with hopes of reinvigorating the theater industry and getting fans back into seats.TOM CRUISE GETS GREEN LIGHT TO BYPASS NORWAY’S CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE RULES TO FILM ‘MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7′
Robert Pattinson, left, and John David Washington in a scene from “Tenet.” Tom Cruise shared a video of his theatergoing experience on Twitter. (Associated Press)
The “Top Gun” star shared a video on Twitter on Tuesday to chronicle his visit to the see gthe new film.The clip begins with a mask-clad Cruise in the back seat of a car, waving to fans as they say hello.”How did that happen?” he asked. “I’m wearing a mask.”The inside of the theater can also briefly be seen, and while most people seem to be socially distancing to some degree with seats in between parties, it’s notable that the theater appears to be relatively full.Cruise then watches the movie, seemingly wearing his mask the entire time.”Great to be back in a movie theater everybody,” he said after the film finished.His post was captioned: “Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it.”Most theaters across America have been shut down in an attempt to slow the spread of the potentially deadly virus, but after months of closures, some have begun the process of reopening.Box office numbers for “Unhinged,” Russell Crowe’s latest big-screen venture, have shown promise in terms of audiences’ willingness to return to the cinema.TOM CRUISE, NASA TAMING UP ON FILM TO BE SHOT IN OUTER SPACE, SPACE AGENCY’S ADMINISTRATOR SAYSCruise’s career has taken a bit of a beating thanks to stalls on the movie industry prompted by the spread of coronavirus.His long-awaited “Top Gun” sequel was originally slated for a summer release before being pushed to December and finally July of 2021 in response to the pandemic.Similarly, production on the star’s upcoming “Mission: Impossible” film was temporarily halted as a safety precaution, but production will soon resume.Other films have not only had to repeatedly push back release dates but some have even had to find new homes, such as “Mulan,” which will now be released on Disney for an additional fee rather than a traditional theatrical release.Similarly, “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” has been released in theaters in Canada, and will later arrive on video-on-demand services and CBS All Access in 2021.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOther high-profile flicks like “Wonder Woman 1984,” “No Time to Die,” “Black Widow” and still hoping to hit theaters before the end of the year.
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