Give Grammy-winning singer Richard Marx the choice between Jeffrey Dahmer and Donald Trump, the 80s hitmaker says he’d rather have the dead serial killer as president.

“I feel this guy is a despicable piece of trash,” Marx said of President Trump (not Dahmer) in an interview with Variety. “The country will recover, even if he’s in for another four years. We will recover, but we will never be the same. He will leave a s— stain on this country for the next generation. He has no redeeming qualities.”

As for those Americans who support President Trump, “they are brainwashed,” Marx says, “especially when you point out that black unemployment is only 1% lower than it was when Obama’s term in office ended.”

“At this point, I’d rather have Jeffrey Dahmer over Donald Trump,” The singer said.

Anti-Trump screeds are constant on Marx’s Twitter feed. But he told the outlet that it was only after George W. Bush beat Al Gore that he became passionate for politics.

“It started when Bush lost the popular vote against Gore,” Marx says. “I still feel Bush should have been charged with war crimes. I never thought he was a traitor. I thought he was dumb but I never thought he was a vile human being.” How he feels about Bush, he says, pales “in comparison to the anger I feel over this presidency.”

Marx, perhaps best known for the hit songs “Right Here Waiting,” “Now and Forever,” and “Endless Summer Nights,” was one of the few Hollywood celebs to publicly state that the Democrat-led narrative that Trump called the Chinese coronavirus a “hoax” was always “patently false.”

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