Tuesday on MSNBC’s coverage of the second night of the Democratic National Convention, anchor Nicolle Wallace praised the message of Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign as “strategically brilliant.”
Wallace said, “We’ve talked about the Bidens in this way, that the loss is just this unthinkable thing, that your throat catches when you think about what they’ve been through, the loss of Beau more recently and what brought them together. And as you said, they’re able to talk about something that most people can’t talk about when it happens to somebody else. It happened to them. And I think to take that pain and match it to the country’s pain, I mean we’re living in such painful times. To take that trauma— I actually thought there was a thread that ran through pleading the national security argument and the fear, the fear that we have with Donald Trump as our president. And there were some great lines about flattering dictators.”
She continued, “I think putting these things together that these are painful times, and these are scary times. They’re painful because of the tragedy of COVID because of the economic despair it’s unleashed, and this is a family that has dealt with pain, and it’s scary because of what Donald Trump represents to our national security. To put Joe Biden in the center of solving both those problems, our pain and our fear, was strategically brilliant. And I think it’s time in the convention, having worked on conventions, to give this campaign some credit for execution.”
Wallace added, “To put it together speaking to our fear of having Donald Trump as our country’s commander-in-chief and our pain about what we’re living through, I think was masterful messaging.”
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