New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said in a Friday press briefing that the deadly novel coronavirus came to New York state from Europe, instead of China, citing recently-published research.

“The virus that came to New York did not come from China. It came from Europe,” Cuomo began as he explained new research tracing the early spread of coronavirus. The research, conducted by NYU Langone Health, found roughly 13,000 flights landed in New York and New Jersey from Europe between January and March, carrying over 2.2 million people.

Cuomo discusses new research tracing the early spread of coronavirus: “The virus that came to New York did not come from China. It came from Europe.”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 24, 2020

“We closed the front door with the China travel ban, which was right, but we left the back door open,” he said, referring to President Trump’s travel ban on Europe on March 12.

Cuomo’s remarks come as Republicans on Capitol Hill are calling for China to be held responsible for the outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) have introduced legislation that would allow Americans to sue China in court to recover damages caused by the outbreak.

“Our legislation is just one way we will hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for unleashing this pandemic on the world. There are many other things we must do,” Cotton told Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday morning. “I have legislation that would bring pharmaceutical manufacturing out of China and back to the United States by giving incentives to build new manufacturing plants here and also cutting off Chinese imports, as well. We can also consider sanctions against Chinese officials, similar to what we do to those who violate human rights, if they have covered up information that has led to public health emergencies.”

On Tuesday, Missouri became the first state to sue China over the coronavirus, accusing the communist regime of engaging in “deceit” that caused the coronavirus outbreak and is seeking damages for “the enormous loss of life, human suffering, and economic turmoil.” One day later, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced that she is preparing to also file a lawsuit against China to hold it accountable for the deaths economic losses caused by the illness.

“Too many Mississippians have suffered as a result of China’s cover-up,” Fitch said. “They must not be allowed to act with impunity. Mississippians deserve justice, and I will seek that in court.”

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