Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) will lead the Texas Republican Party after he unseated James Dickey in a round of voting on Monday morning to become the new state party chair.
The decision was made to have West lead the state’s Republican Party into the 2020 presidential election by 22 of the state’s 31 Senate district caucuses during a virtual convention. The Texas Republican Party is the largest state GOP in America.
Previously, West represented Florida’s 22nd District in Washington from 2011 until 2013. Over the years, West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has gained prominence as a conservative political commentator and speaker.
Texas Democrat Party officials were quick to denounce West’s victory over Dickey, saying they are “disgusted” with the pick.
“We’re disgusted but not surprised that Texas Republicans chose a certified racist conservative hardliner like Allen West as their new chairman,” said Abhi Rahman, the communications director for the Texas Democratic Party. He added:
West is everything that is wrong with the Republican Party and brings to light their failures on building an inclusive, welcoming party that is deliberate and thoughtful in handling crisis situations. He’ll fit right in with the modern-day Texas Republican Party.
In 2014, West moved to Texas to head the National Center for Policy Analysis, which no longer operates.
In addition to West’s success over Dickey, the state party’s vice chair, Alma Perez Jackson, was defeated by Cat Parks, who chairs the Hamilton County Republican Party. Parks overcame Jackson with 16 Senate district caucuses to 11.

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