Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, during a Wednesday interview on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” issued the American public some relief amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With growing concerns about food shortages across the nation as a result of the pandemic, Perdue advised that the food supply is “safe and sound.” According to Perdue, shortages have just been from a processing slowdown as opposed to an issue with supply.

Host Stuart Varney asked Perdue if there will be a shortage of meat products with some processing plants around the nation being forced to close down.

“Well, we hope not,” Perdue replied. “Obviously, the United States has a very synchronized, sophisticated supply chain. … When you have a slowdown in processing — which we’re working on to sustain as much as possible there — then you have a back up in that.”

“We think the food supply is safe and sound, but we have to be careful that we keep these workers,” he added. “Some people are socially distancing. Many of these food supply workers have been working all along in a critical industry, making sure that our grocery shelves are stocked, and our meat cases are filled.”

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