WWE Backlash 2020 Results: Reviewing Top Highlights and Low Points

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    The promotion for WWE Backlash 2020 centered around the idea that Edge vs. Randy Orton could be “the greatest wrestling match ever”—a bold idea that cast doubts on the entire event.

    Surely, that couldn’t be a thing, could it? Either the hype would be too great and it would fall short of expectations, or it would be so ludicrous an idea that fans would anticipate failure.

    Now that the event has finished, how did it turn out? Was this a legendary pay-per-view that will go down in history with nothing but positives, or was there more bad that outweighed the good?

    Which standout segments were the biggest pros and cons of the night?

    It’s time to break down and recap the full results as well as the highlights and low points of WWE Backlash 2020.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE Backlash 2020 Results

  • Apollo Crews defeated Andrade by pinfall to retain the United States Championship.
  • Triple Threat Match: Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and The IIconics by pinfall to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall.
  • Asuka and Nia Jax fought to a draw by a double count-out.
  • Handicap Match: Braun Strowman defeated The Miz and John Morrison by pinfall to retain the Universal Championship.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Lashley by pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.
  • The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders had a backstage brawl instead of a match.
  • Randy Orton defeated Edge by pinfall.

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    Naturally, not everything on this show was either extreme of a highlight or a low point. In fact, most segments fall directly in the middle of the road as not bad, nor great.

    Apollo Crews vs. Andrade for the United States title kicked off the show with a decent match, but it was nothing special, nor new. These two have had a handful of matches on Raw with almost exactly the same formula.

    TV matches generally have interference finishes, so seeing Kevin Owens and Angel Garza get involved for a distraction that Crews capitalized on wasn’t interesting, nor was seeing the champion retain against the guy he just beat for the title.

    Similarly, the Triple Threat for the Women’s Tag Team Championships was fine, but nobody will remember it by next week.

    Now that the champions retained and have taken out the only two other teams on the main roster, what’s next? Sadly, no new elements to the storyline of Sasha Banks and Bayley breaking up were introduced, which means this was just a means to officially push The IIconics and Bliss Cross Applesauce aside.

    Braun Strowman also had a straightforward handicap match against The Miz and John Morrison. In typical fashion, the heels let their egos get in the way of any potential pins until The Monster Among Men took them out.

    These matches could have easily been on Raw or SmackDown, rather than a pay-per-view, and they still wouldn’t have felt special, even though they were perfectly fine.

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    Ignoring the ups and downs that have come with the Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus feud so far, their match here was rock solid.

    There weren’t any ridiculous spots playing off Hardy’s history of substance abuse or moments of terrible acting. It was just a hard-hitting fight between two people who are supposed to have a lot of animosity for each other.

    Seeing how well they worked together here gives hope for a rematch at Extreme Rules. Tossing them into a gimmick match could be even better and allow Hardy the opportunity to get some revenge after Sheamus was victorious.

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    With a series of botches that have injured Kairi Sane, a controversial promo and this terrible match, Nia Jax has not had the best track record lately.

    This was supposed to be two of the best the Raw women’s division has to offer. Instead, it was slow from start to finish, which made it laborious to sit through.

    While it made logical sense for Jax to play the power game and Asuka to target her arm, it certainly didn’t make for a thrilling contest.

    The Empress of Tomorrow is normally a spitfire with lots of energy and attitude. In this match, within a few minutes, they were both acting like they’d wrestled an hour.

    Worst of all, this isn’t even the last we’ll have seen of this feud. It ended with a double count-out—a lame excuse of a non-finish for episodes of Monday Night Raw as it is, let alone a pay-per-view.

    That just means WWE will be extending this feud even longer to Extreme Rules, as if anyone is going to be excited to see a rematch after this boring affair.

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    Partnering with MVP has been the best thing for Bobby Lashley’s credibility. In recent weeks with this renewed push, he’s looked stronger than ever since his return two years back.

    That extended to this match when he jumped the gun and attacked Drew McIntyre before the bell had even rang.

    That intensity has been missing from Lashley and allowed him to be a true challenger for the title.

    This match was great in showing how strong he could be, while not pushing McIntyre aside. The champion still came out with the win and a boost in his own credibility for withstanding that force.

    It’s also great that Lana caused Lashley’s downfall. Now, hopefully, WWE can break them up for good and move on from that awful storyline.

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    WWE has become obsessed with these cinematic matches, which is becoming more and more infuriating.

    More of these would be a good thing if they were decent, but they’ve been getting worse and worse.

    The jokes don’t land. They’re either uninspired, not funny to begin with, dated by decades or just too silly to be taken seriously.

    The idea of The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders wanting to prove they can do anything better than the other team isn’t a bad one. It’s not even bad to have them playing basketball and having archery contests, in theory.

    But when they’re filmed with dreamlike flashbacks like a Looney Tunes cartoon from the 1950s and have Ivar using The Force from Star Wars to retrieve turkey legs to fight off Akira Tozawa’s ninja army, it’s just sad.

    A good joke is hilarious. A bad joke is embarrassing for all parties involved.

    These aren’t the matches to show someone when you’re afraid they think professional wrestling is childish and low-brow entertainment. They might be so silly that fans of slapstick humor get some chuckles, but they’re not doing anything to win over casual fans of more serious sports, nor are they appealing to movie buffs with this style.

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    The WWE Universe can be dense sometimes, but everyone saw through the hyperbole of this being “the greatest wrestling match ever” right from the start.

    What actually happened is that Edge and Randy Orton put on the best match of the card and one of the better matches of this entire year, so long as you had your audio muted.

    That is because WWE made a terrible decision to pipe in crowd noise in an attempt to up its atmosphere.

    It did the opposite. Instead of upgrading the feel of the match, it was a detractor.

    By now, we’ve seen many episodes of television as well as the other matches on this card with the Performance Center audience. We know how the acoustics are, which means we could tell this sounded fake and the reactions weren’t genuine.

    But maybe a fake crowd is exactly what Vince McMahon wants. That way, the commentary team can be told to act like it’s all real and what to say, the reactions are exactly what the creative team is looking for with each move, and gullible viewers will think WWE is flawless.

    If you ignore WWE’s influence on the match, it was wonderful. Edge showed that grit he spoke much about recently, while Orton took the easy way out with a low blow and a punt as a sign of his viciousness.

    The same match in front of an actual crowd would likely be a Match of the Year candidate.

    Ultimately, Edge and Orton pulled off a great meal of a feud and subsequent match, especially considering The Rated-R Superstar tore his triceps during this. Unfortunately, WWE ruined its flavor by over-seasoning it with the wrong spices.

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