WWE Backlash 2020 Results: Matches WWE Must Book in 2020

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view featured some great action while delivering mostly predictable outcomes. Here is a quick rundown of the results:

  • Apollo Crews defeated Andrade
  • Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross and The IIconics
  • Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy
  • Asuka and Nia Jax were counted out
  • Braun Strowman defeated The Miz and John Morrison
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Lashley
  • The Street Profits and Viking Raiders ended before it began
  • Randy Orton defeated Edge

Some of these feuds will continue, but many Superstars will be moving on to new feuds with new rivals, especially when it comes to most of the champions who retained their titles on Sunday.

The rest of the year is wide open. WWE has six more months in 2020 to book and a roster full of hungry Superstars champing at the bit.

Let’s look at some of the matches management needs to book during the back half of the year. 

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    Zelina Vega already lost one client when she kicked Austin Theory to the curb, and now it looks like she may end up losing Angel Garza in the near future.

    Not only did Andrade and Garza come to blows during their triple threat match against Kevin Owens this week, but Garza failed to help El Idolo defeat Crews on Sunday.

    Garza has worked as a heel since coming to WWE, but he has gained quite a few fans with his in-ring talent and charisma. Turning him babyface is a logical next step.

    If he does make the turn, his first feud as a hero needs to be against Andrade, possibly with Humberto Carrillo joining him to battle El Idolo and a partner to be chosen at a later date.

    If WWE wants this to be a lucha libre feud, it has more than enough Superstars who fit the bill who could team with Andrade, but a singles match might be the best way to go.

    Andrade vs. Garza would steal the show on any card. All WWE has to do is turn Garza babyface to kickstart the feud. This combo would fit right in at SummerSlam. 

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    Orton and McIntyre have been in the ring together a few times. They have always managed to have chemistry, but they have not yet had a sustained feud.

    Now that the Scot is the WWE champion and The Viper has defeated Edge, pairing them together for a title feud would carry the main event scene through a few PPVs.

    Orton has been working at the top of his game in 2020. He almost seems reinvigorated by the return of his old partner and the influx of new talent to the main roster.

    He is one of the few veterans on the roster who could be a threat to McIntyre’s reign as champion. He is almost the same size as McIntyre but has speed and agility The Scottish Psychopath cannot match.

    Once McIntyre and Lashley have moved on from each other, The Viper needs to set his sights on becoming a 14-time champion. 

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    Crews is finally starting to click in WWE. He is the United States champion and successfully defended his title against Andrade at Backlash.

    If management really wants him to succeed, it needs to put him in the ring with another performer like El Idolo who can produce a show-stealing match. This is where Ricochet comes in.

    Both men are among the most agile performers in the company. The kind of aerial acrobatics these two would be capable of together would be hard for even the most skilled high-flyers to match.

    Nobody needs to turn heel for this to work. It could simply be a competitive feud between two friends over a championship. We have seen it work many times before.

    Ricochet is a former U.S. champion, so he probably would love to get another shot at the title. Perhaps Crews could offer an open challenge to facilitate the first meeting on Raw.

    This would be a short-term feud, but it would be guaranteed to produce some memorable moments. 

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    The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders were scheduled to meet for a standard tag title match on Sunday, but what happened was anything but standard.

    Their fight started in the parking lot and saw them fight all around the Performance Center. They even encountered a group of ninjas led by Akira Tozawa.

    As fun as this encounter was, even with a forced Star Wars joke at the end, it was not an ending to this feud. They need to have a proper tag title bout to finally prove who the best team is.

    Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Erik and Ivar have done a good job with these comedy segments. Now it’s time for them to show their skills in the ring. Extreme Rules is coming up on July 19. That seems like the perfect place for a final showdown. 

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    Lashley has never looked more dangerous than he does right now, but if WWE is not going to have him win the WWE title from McIntyre, he should change his focus to Strowman.

    The Monster Among Men and The All Mighty have been in the ring together before, but there was never anything on the line other than pride. The Universal Championship changes everything.

    Once Lana is out of the picture, MVP can guide Lashley toward SmackDown, where he can claim the top spot on a brand for the first time in his WWE career.

    Lashley is one of the few people who can give Strowman a run for his money in the power department. He has the MMA experience to be a dangerous striker and the amateur skills to take him down with a submission.

    This would be another immovable object facing an unstoppable force. WWE could milk a feud like this for months if done right. 

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