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Even a blocked internet connection isn’t stopping the drip drip drip of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton emails. Wikileaks just announced Batch 12 has dropped.

No College Kids Support Hillary Email

Hillary’s Staff Mocks Her by Asking Can someone Help her Figure Out What Planet She Lives On

Hispanics Anyone? Fundraising Email Made me Laugh!

The funny part is they had to brainstorm and think who to invite. If they really cared about these people they would already have long standing relationships with them and would invite them by name not race or ethnic background.

Hillary Clinton is a Puppet for George Soros

Very Concerning Email Re: Justin Cooper From Chelsea Clinton (CVC) to John Podesta


Chelsea Not Very Popular with Other Staff Members Revealed in this Wikileaks Email Batch 12

In this email from Doug Band to Cheryl Mills, John Podesta and Justin Cooper, they discuss Teneo and possible conflicts of interest while outing possible conflicts other individuals may have and also discuss CVC AKA Chelsea Clinton needing to justify her existence with busy work. (LOL).  In this same email Doug Band states that “Teneo is the only one of any of those that are additive to the foundation. Ira doesn’t get Dow Corning or whoever he advises to donate nor does Bob get Goldman to do much. Everyone takes, everyone, except we (Teneo) are the ones who do everything back to him” meaning WJC and the Clinton Foundation.


Common Abbreviations in the Wikileaks Emails

WJC = William Jefferson Clinton
CVC = Chelsea Victoria Clinton
HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton
CGI = Clinton Global Initiative
CF = Clinton Foundation