Well known pastor dies following coronavirus complications

Pastor Hampton died 24 hours later after testing positive

Well known Pastor passes away following coronavirus diagnosis

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Pastor Ronnie Hampton of New Vision Community Church in Shreveport died Wednesday evening, according to close family members.

On Tuesday, March 24 Pastor Hampton was told he tested positive for the coronavirus and died Wednesday evening.

Over the years he has partnered with the Northwest Louisiana food bank to provide meals to more than 83 families every third Saturday at his church.

Close friends say he wasn’t feeling himself and was tired.

Shreveport Pastor dies following COVID-19 diagnosis

In a Facebook message to his parishioners on Sunday. He told them he went to the E-R Friday afternoon from a chronic cough that caused abdominal pain.

He was later told he had pneumonia in both lungs. While in isolation, he was swabbed for the coronavirus.

Those results came back positive Tuesday and Pastor Hampton died.

In his Facebook post, he encouraged his church members and told them his father has never wavered.

Pastor Ronnie Hampton was 64 years old.

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