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    .@MikePereira explains what REALLY happened on the Chicago Bears challenge at the end of the 1st half. https://t.co/QMHfXOWHfn


  • SB Nation@SBNation

    Al Michaels: “They’re not making this up on the fly, are they?”

    Terry McAulay: “It does seem that way.” [laughing] https://t.co/3An4YloWVr


  • gifdsports@gifdsports

    Ref’s ball!


  • Fᴏᴏᴛʙᴀʟʟ Zᴇʙʀᴀs@footballzebras

    From the casebook regarding incomplete passes reversed to catch/fumble, the third paragraph has the relevant information: https://t.co/TQizOr7ZFP


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    #DaBears fans looking at the refs rn https://t.co/8384CZfAmt


  • Yahoo Sports NFL@YahooSportsNFL

    Wait WHAT… #PHIvsCHI https://t.co/624INDfeTy


  • gifdsports@gifdsports

    Refs in a playoff game https://t.co/Zb2EgrDzOz


  • CJ Fogler@cjzero

    NFL referees watching replays today https://t.co/MFE4t8BjoA


  • Shooter McGavin@ShooterMcGavin_

    No clear recovery solution:

    – Put the ball back where the ref picked it up and let one player from each team compete for the ball https://t.co/O2g5V2ClRK


  • Patrick Daugherty@RotoPat

    “It’s the officials’ ball. Playoffs over.”


  • Pick Six Podcast@picksixpod



  • Charles Woodson@CharlesWoodson

    Never let the ref pick the ball up


  • Sports Illustrated@SInow





  • Clem@TheClemReport

    That refs explanation: https://t.co/xTvNqCGZWE


  • NOTSportsCenter@NOTSportsCenter

    An NFL ref working a game https://t.co/9SxDs6zuDf


  • What the Sports@realwtsports

    What the NFL refs saw during the replay review in the Eagles-Bears game #PHIvsCHI https://t.co/DIS65PyCMx


  • The Ringer@ringer

    This is everyone when the referees were trying to explain that ruling. #PHIvsCHI https://t.co/hFwjKENo1Q


  • Armando Salguero@ArmandoSalguero

    Catch isn’t a catch. Ref recovers the fumble so no fumble either.


  • Tyler Buecher@TylerBuecher

    what is this nonsense https://t.co/y4inR24MrJ


  • Riley McAtee@Riley_McAtee

    how can there be “no clear recovery” of an incomplete pass?


  • Adam Hoge@AdamHoge

    If the rule is that they can’t rule that a catch because no one recovered the fumble (which makes no sense), then why was the play even reviewed?? The ref picked up the football.


  • Pat McAfee@PatMcAfeeShow

    These refs https://t.co/O9pRGRH4kl


  • Zac@DCzWall

    The refs right now. #Bears #Eagles https://t.co/h44pTleSVk


  • nick wright@getnickwright

    The ref said “no clear recovery”. That only applies if it’s a catch & fumble. That means it was a catch & it should’ve been Chicago ball at spot of fumble. That was a blown review.


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