Watch: Halo 3 PC Gameplay

Halo 3, the 2007 hit originally made for Xbox, is all set to release on PC this year. Fans have been waiting for this to be available on PC for quite some time now, and it’s finally happening. This will be the second Halo game set to release this year, the other one being Halo Infinite.

A closed beta testing for the PC version is already online, available only to players from the Halo Insider community. John Junyszek, a Halo community manager at 343 Industries, posted a 5-hour stream of Halo 3 PC multiplayer gameplay on Mixer. The stream unveiled a lot of features of the game.

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Halo 3 will have full armor customization

Junyszek recently posted on Twitter about the full armor customization that will feature on the PC version. This will be the first time such a feature is introduced in the game. Although this feature is still a work in progress, it will be ready by the game’s official release.

That’s right, full Halo 3 armor customization is on its way. The MCC Team has been putting in work!

— John Junyszek (@Unyshek) June 12, 2020

Does the gameplay match the Xbox version?

Yes, it does. A lot of players who were fortunate enough to be a part of the beta testing program have uploaded their gameplay on Youtube. The gameplay has been triggering nostalgia among fans who collectively wished for the game to be available on PC.

The gameplay features an increased field of view, changing the gameplay experience for the better. Although there are certain issues of FPS drop, the game does run pretty smoothly. The fps issues will probably be fixed in the actual game.

Something to look forward to

Halo 3 being available for PC is a big moment for fans. This Xbox exclusive was a large hit since its release in 2007. Since then, players have been wanting to try it out on PC.

The increased field of view is only one of the major changes brought in the game. The gameplay experience has also been considerably improved. Keeping all this in mind, it might be correct to assume that Halo 3 will not disappoint the fans.

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