Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders To Cut Cost Of Drug Prices In US

President Donald Trump signed four separate executive orders aimed at cutting the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. on Friday, saying Americans aren’t getting a fair deal.

The first order requires that community health centers pass on the “massive” discounts they have traditionally received on purchases of insulin and epipens to their customers. The second order will allow the U.S. to import drugs from Canada and other countries. The third requires that pharmaceutical “middlemen” pass on their discounts from drug manufacturers to their customers. The fourth would tie U.S. drug prices to the international price index, the system other countries use.

“We’re fighting back against a rigged system,” says @POTUS. “I’m unrigging the system that is many decades old.”

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) July 24, 2020

Trump said at the White House that the fourth order may not ultimately go into effect if drug companies present a workable plan for lowering drug prices prior to Aug. 24 at 12:00 p.m.

If they do not, he said the fourth order will  go into effect and the U.S. will start pricing drugs based on the international index, Trump said. (RELATED: Trump Calls On SCOTUS To Overturn Affordable Care Act)

Executives for America’s various drug companies are reportedly scheduled to meet with administration officials at the White House on Tuesday, where they will begin negotiations.

Trump also took the opportunity to call for legislation allowing the “right to try,” which would allow terminally ill Americans to use experimental drugs if they so desire.

The exact text of the orders has not yet been released.

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