Tips For Keeping New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


Getting in better shape is one of the top new year’s resolutions Americans make each year. ProSource makes these resolutions possible by offering high quality, affordable fitness equipment and education for healthier, happier lives.

Five expert tips to help consumers with their fitness resolutions:

  1. Be specific & write it down – Put a goal on paper that you can see daily which is specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound. Something like “lose 10 pounds by April”, rather than “lose weight”; or “do 10 pull-ups” versus “get stronger”.
  2. Define the WHY – Write down why this goal is important to you. A shallow reason like “look better” may not keep you motivated when you meet challenges. However, knowing how it will negatively or positively influence your life will help you follow through. For example, “Lose 10 pounds so I can play with the kids easier” or “Gain five pounds of muscle so I’ll feel more confident about asking a women on dates”.
  3. Get a workout partner or coach – Having someone to answer to and keep you motivated can make a huge difference in achieving your goals. Having a set workout date with a friend or paid appointment with a trainer is more likely to keep you on track.
  4. Don’t be afraid of weights – Women in particular tend to be afraid of using too much weight when working out, but using weights builds muscle that will burn more calories on a daily basis, even at rest. Incorporate dumbbells and barbells into your routine to truly change the shape of your body!
  5. Don’t forget recovery – When you start a fitness routine, it’s easy to forget stretching and foam roller exercises, which help with workout recovery and optimal muscle performance. Forget this, and you may get sidelined from injuries or soreness, which are sure to kill your motivation.

“Gyms are packed with people every January trying to get healthier and change the way they look. By February or March, the crowds die down as people quit their resolutions,” explains Konstantin Mikhaylov, Business Development Director.

About Guest Author ProSource

ProSource makes high performance, versatile products for cross-training and resistance workouts, muscle therapy, and yoga/Pilates. We exist to inspire active, healthy lifestyles with products that make fitness attainable and enjoyable for everyone. We do this by constantly pursuing innovation as we find new ways to enhance the customer experience, and developing higher quality products to meet our customers’ evolving needs.  Train like a pro, train with ProSource!

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