The ultimate guide to Joe Biden’s White House staff
  • President Joe Biden inherited a country worn down by a deadly pandemic, economic malaise and years of deep political divisions.
  • He’s already hired more than 200 White House aides to help with his pledge to “build back better.”
  • They’re veterans of past presidential administrations, communications pros, and even former interns.
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It’s time to meet an entirely new White House.

Out: Mark Meadows, Hope Hicks, Dan Scavino, and myriad bold-faced names that helped President Donald Trump run the country over the last four years.

In: Ron Klain, John Kerry, Jennifer Psaki, and a who’s who of veteran Democratic power brokers joining President Joe Biden in his uphill quest to unite a country on edge.

Biden already has announced more than 200 White House hires, and that was before he even took office. Many more people are expected to soon join a team that’s ultimately expected to rival the more than 400 presidential aides Trump employed as of mid-2020. 

To help navigate the transition, Insider has compiled a comprehensive list of the staffers who will keep Biden’s White House running. It includes veterans of past Democratic administrations, plus former interns and party organizers. We’ll update it regularly as new hires are announced. Hover over a card for more information on a staff member.

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