Scarborough: ‘Concerned’ for Trump’s Mental Health When He Speaks Like Authoritarian

Tuesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to President Donald Trump saying the day before during a coronavirus press conference that presidents have “total” authority.

After airing a few clips of Trump touting his power over the course of his presidency, Scarborough said anytime the president speaks like an authoritarian, he is “concerned for his mental health.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski opened the show, saying, “President Trump added another step yesterday in his march toward authoritarianism. He tried.”

“That’s the important thing — he tried,” Scarborough replied. “You know, the thing is he’s done this before. And I know we really differ here. I know you’re very, very concerned when he talks like that, about the Constitution and the country. I’m actually mainly concerned for his mental health. And also, the extraordinary — I feel very, very badly whenever he speaks that way, Willie, for people at Penn, who have to walk around in shame every day that he graduated from their college, knowing no more about the history or the Constitution or Madisonian democracy than he does.”

“He just blathered for years, ‘Article 2 gives me all the power I need.’ Then you’ll have Trump apologists going, ‘Well, that’s not exactly what he meant to say…’ And he just keeps going back to saying, ‘Yes, ultimate power as president of the United States.’ And he did it again yesterday,” he added.

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