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Clinton Campaign and Super Pacs Busted Birddogging

Project Veritas Action Undercover Video Released

In this video you will hear first hand how Scott Foval is contracted by a Super Pac but as Scott Foval says in the video “he answers to the Head of Special Events for the DNC and the Clinton Campaign and how they pay for his services.

Bob Creamer is with Democracy Partners and operates in their words “an ongoing Pony Express” of communication so they can plausibly deny they are not working together.

Their job is to create clips every day for the various Super Pacs or the DNC and their friends to use and distribute to the media and via social media. They had scripts they used to incite violence at the Trump Rallies that they called “naturally psychotic”.

Scott Foval boasts about his network of operatives and they update it daily. They turn out people at Trump and Pence events every day. According to Foval they have built in groups in each area. You hire people to “Birddog” and be preplaced in the front of the line. You have to train people to “Bird dog”. We pay “mentally ill people to do shit”. If I need to get something done in Arkansas, the first person I call is the head of the ALFCIO and tell him what I need and he gets it for me”.

Watch the video below and I’m sure you will be as disturbed as I am that this is going on.