Report: Co-Workers Say Chauvin ‘Bumped Heads’ with Floyd, Was ‘Afraid’ of Black People

UPDATE: According to an update from CBS, Pinney now says he mistook Floyd for another employee, but maintained his characterization of Chauvin as aggressive.

During a report aired on Tuesday’s “Justice for All” special on CBS, one individual who worked with both George Floyd and former police officer Derek Chauvin at a nightclub said that the two did not get along and that Chauvin knew Floyd “pretty well.” And the owner of the club stated that Chauvin was “afraid and intimidated” by black people.

David Pinney, who CBS said was a co-worker of both Chauvin’s and Floyd’s at the nightclub, said that Chauvin and Floyd “bumped heads.” And “It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which is — which was an issue.”

Pinney also said that he had no doubt in his mind that Chauvin knew Floyd and knew him, “I would say, pretty well.”

Maya Santamaria, who CBS reported owns the club, said that Chauvin was “afraid and intimidated” by black people.

Santamaria also said she “was not surprised” when she initially saw Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck. Because she had seen him “do stuff along those lines.” Santamaria added that she was “surprised” that Chauvin “didn’t stop right away” once it was clear Floyd was not resisting.

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