Relive the 2020 Royal Rumble to get you hyped for WrestleMania 36

It’s WrestleMania week, friends!
This year’s Showcase of the Immortals will be unlike any other, for many reasons. WrestleMania 36 is a two-night event (available on FOX pay-per-view), the first time the Show of Shows has ever stretched over more than one night. And, of course, the event will emanate from the Performance Center — and many other locations, including a boneyard.
And to get you properly hyped for this epic occasion, FOX Sports re-aired the 2020 Royal Rumble from start to finish on Tuesday.

Tonight on FS1, tune in 7pm to see the entire WWE Royal Rumble 2020 PPV. #WWE #RoyalRumble #FS1 watch Naughty Nikki And her little legs run run run @WWEonFOX
— Nikki Cross (@NikkiCrossWWE) March 31, 2020

We relived the best moments from the entire card, starting with the brawl between Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns, all the way up to Brock Lesnar’s early dominance of the Men’s Royal Rumble match, leading to the shocking return of Edge and Drew McIntyre’s Rumble victory.
And speaking of the King and the Big Dog, they brawled all around the ring in the opening match of the card:
No table, Spanish or German, is safe around King @BaronCorbinWWE in this #FallsCountAnywhere Match! #RoyalRumble @WWERomanReigns
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

In the end, Reigns got the upperhand — and the victory — after taking Corbin for a ride in a port-a-potty:
🚨 KING @BaronCorbinWWE is IN THERE 🚨#RoyalRumble @WWERomanReigns
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Next up was the Women’s Royal Rumble, which saw an early surprise entrant in the one and only Mighty Molly Holly:
HOLY SUPERHERO, @WWEUniverse…#MightyMolly is in at #3️⃣! #RoyalRumble #WomensRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

As the ring began to fill, the eliminations rolled in … but Otis was there to save the apple of his eye, Mandy Rose, from touching the floor. Oh, these were happier times for those two:
Otis saves his 🍑@WWE_MandyRose with his STOMACH in the #WomenRumble! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

One of the biggest highlights of the Women’s Royal Rumble match, though, was the return of Naomi from a six-month hiatus, bringing all of the glow. Just … all of it.
💚CAN YOU FEEL THE GLOW, HOUSTON? 💚@NaomiWWE is BACK and competing in the #WomensRumble!!! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Ultimately, the Rumble belonged to the Queen, who would go on to challenge Rhea Ripley for her NXT Championship at WrestleMania:
NEXT STOP: @WrestleMania.
Congratulations, @MsCharlotteWWE!!! #RoyalRumble #WomensRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

The women kept the spotlight, as next up was a SmackDown Women’s Championship match between the champ, Bayley, and Lacey Evans.
.@LaceyEvansWWE doesn’t take too kindly to mockery, @itsBayleyWWE, and now you will FEEL her WRATH! #RoyalRumble #WomensTitle
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Yet despite a strong showing from the Southern Sassy Belle, the former Hugger managed to squeak out a win and retain her title:
STILL THE CHAMP.@itsBayleyWWE retains her #SmackDown #WomensTitle at #RoyalRumble!
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

From one champion to another, Daniel Bryan and The Fiend followed up Bayley’s win with a brutal Strap Match, meant to keep The Fiend within arm’s reach of Daniel. And while that might seem like a bad idea, the leader of the Yes Movement got the upper hand courtesy of the strap on the outside:
Maybe @WWEDanielBryan knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he challenged #TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt to a #StrapMatch… #RoyalRumble #BrayWyatt
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

But, well, with The Fiend being the unstoppable monster that he is (short of running into another monster in Goldberg, anyway), he took an absolute beating from Bryan, face stomps and all, then pulled out the victory with the Mandible Claw.
Merciless in victory.#TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt is STILL your #UniversalChampion after an extremely punishing #StrapMatch at #RoyalRumble.
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

This extraordinarily epic event continued with yet another championship match before the Men’s Royal Rumble — and this time, it was The Man defending her title against Asuka:
One last debt. One last hurrah.@BeckyLynchWWE is doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to put away the woman she has yet to defeat, @WWEAsuka! #RoyalRumble #WomensTitle @KairiSaneWWE
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Indeed, Lynch got the win — and collected her debt.
DEBT COLLECTED.#TheMan @BeckyLynchWWE is STILL your #Raw #WomensChampion! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Finally, it was time for the Men’s Royal Rumble, where Brock Lesnar was entrant No. 1.
⬇️ #MensRumble entrants thread starts HERE ⬇️
And of course, at #1… #WWEChampion @BrockLesnar!#RoyalRumble @HeymanHustle
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Those of you who’ve already watched the Rumble know what came next, but for the uninitiated, let us welcome you to The Beast Incarnate’s world. Lesnar destroyed all comers, even fighting his way through a series of shifting alliances:
Can @WWEBigE @TrueKofi & @reymysterio use the numbers advantage and ELIMINATE @BrockLesnar?
It’s not as easy as it sounds… and it doesn’t sound easy at all. 😬😬😬 #RoyalRumble #MensRumble @HeymanHustle
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Lesnar eliminated 11 consecutive entrants before things started to turn, thanks to a whole lot of beef. NXT’s Keith Lee captured Lesnar’s attention and gave the Beast all he could handle as entrant No. 13. The even larger Braun Strowman hit the ring next — although Brock countered both with a series of German suplexes, as he does, then dumped both over the top rope, running his total up to 13 and tying the WWE record for eliminations.
That left poor Ricochet in all alone against Lesnar, until reinforcements arrived in the form of the Sexy Scotsman, Drew McIntyre. Ricochet hit Brock with a low blow, and McIntyre followed up with the Claymore Kick to get rid of the Beast:
OUT GOES THE BEAST!@DMcIntyreWWE has eliminated @BrockLesnar from the #MensRumble! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Lesnar’s eliminating was astounding — but not nearly as flabbergasting as a return nine long years in the making.
The Hall of Famer Edge blew the roof off the place as entrant No. 21:
YOU THINK YOU KNOW HIM!?!?!?!?!@EdgeRatedR IS BACK AND IN THE #MensRumble!!!!!!!!!!!! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

The Rated-R Superstar had to retire in 2011 due to several neck injuries, making his participation in the Rumble absolutely mind-blowing. This week, Edge spoke to ESPN and explained part of the process behind his return. He actually experienced a “gnarly” wipeout while mountain biking with fellow WWE Superstar Sheamus, and when he didn’t feel any pain in his neck, Edge realized maybe, just maybe, he could think about coming back. Imaging by several doctors showed he was in good shape, so the next step was knocking off the ring rust (via Wrestling Inc.):
“I talked to [Triple H], and I said, ‘I can’t go to a ring anywhere because people will start seeing me. I can’t go to the PC.’ So they sent me a ring,” Edge said. “I got a warehouse space, and I set up a ring and basically had my own personal ‘Field of Dreams,’ and I just got in there and got to work. Thankfully, I’m married to another Hall of Famer who can pick up and body slam me, which you can’t say for a lot of wives. The Revival, they both live in Asheville, so they’d come, and they’d get in there with me, and they’d put me through my paces.
“I was keeping up with them. I wasn’t tired, and I wasn’t sore, and I thought, ‘OK, this is going to happen, and this is going to happen at a level that I wanted.’ I didn’t want to come back and be anything less than what I was. I’m going to have to work differently. I’m going to have different limitations … I still want to be able to go in there and be able to go half an hour.”
Edge temporarily joined forces with his former tag team partner, Randy Orton …
#RatedRKO has taken over.#RoyalRumble #MensRumble @EdgeRatedR @RandyOrton
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

… before The Viper’s baser instincts got the better of him. He threatened an RKO on Edge, who spotted the looming disaster and averted it, throwing Orton over the top rope when he turned his back. Turnabout is good play, after all.
The last few spots in the Rumble featured a murderer’s row of talent: Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Aleister Black, Samoa Joe, and last but certainly not least, Seth Rollins:
#30’s got some back-up.@WWERollins is the final entrant in the #MensRumble Match! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

But it was McIntyre who stood tall, claiming his spot at WrestleMania 36. The last three men in the ring were Edge, Reigns, and your eventual winner. After the two practitioners of the Spear duked it out, with Reigns eliminating Edge, McIntyre laid out The Big Dog with a Claymore Kick for the win.
He fought his way back to @WWE, and now he’s officially on the ROAD to #WrestleMania!
Congratulations, @DMcIntyreWWE!!! #RoyalRumble
— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

Following the broadcast, stay tuned for an all-new edition of WWE Backstage, featuring the Queen herself, Charlotte Flair. The crew will watch the WrestleMania XIX classic between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, which was famously The Rattlesnake’s final in-ring appearance.
TONIGHT on #WWEBackstage join @ReneeYoungWWE, @BookerT5x & @TheMarkHenry as they re-watch this #WrestleMania XIX classic.
Watch as @SteveAustinBSR’s final in-ring performance happens against @TheRock tonight on @FS1.
— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) March 31, 2020

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