Aug 17, 2020Arda OcalESPN Staff Writer I had a few hours this weekend to try the Marvel Avengers beta, and after consuming a bunch of reviews online I have to say I’m a lot more optimistic about the game than some critics.How optimistic? I loved it.Itemization and loot concerns aside, this was exactly the “beat ’em up with superpowers” smashfest that we need right now. It’s cut from the same cloth as God of War and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen order, both Mount Rushmore games of their respective years of release. Avengers will certainly fit into that conversation nicely.Here is my 100% correct, undebatable Power Rankings of the six characters you can play as in the Avengers Beta, with combat style and feel as the primary category:6) Iron ManI love Iron Man as a character, but in a beat ’em up like this one, I found myself enjoying the floaty/punchy/shooty aspect of Iron Man the least. Dialogue yes, combat no. Maybe when I get the chance to play through the entire game this will change, but right now Iron Man occupies the basement spot for me in this game in terms of having the most fun during combat.5) ThorNo. 5 and No. 4 were the spots I labored over the most, pretty much every other character fell into place nicely for me. One hour I swapped Thor and Cap, the next I reversed my decision. But in the end, Thor got the fifth spot by a hair. I like Cap’s shield in the combat in this game more than Mjolnir, but not by much.4) Captain AmericaCap has some fun things you can do with the shield, and also has the most balanced fight mechanics from the time I played. Like you would expect, he felt pretty even in each attribute, with some fun specials where Mr. Rogers welcomes you to his neighborhood with a shield to the temple. In a game like this where you can change between characters, I will enjoy playing as Cap and Thor here and there but will probably lean heavier on my top three.3) Black WidowSpeed and grace. She’s just a ton of fun. You get a grappling hook, invisibility, tons of potential here. Natasha Romanoff feels like the “Jett from VALORANT” of the game, where you can have the most fight freedom with her to express yourself, like you are the artist and the enemies are your canvas. She also has a weapon you can shoot at baddies.2) Miss MarvelKamala Khan feels unique for sure, as she grows and whips her limbs at enemies, Stretch Armstrong style. It’s a tron of fun, especially the first few times you play as her. It feels like unique fight mechanics that you don’t normally get in a game like this, which makes it incredibly enjoyable.1) HulkYou know those anger rooms where you can go and pick up a giant hammer or a bat and smash everything in sight? That’s Hulk in this game. Dr. Banner’s alter ego was definitely the most fun character to play during the beta at the very least. Hulk is like your “therapy” character, where you are just super strong and crush everything in sight. Smash the ground, grab giant slabs of the ground and hurl them at enemies, rage out. Sounds like it might be pretty basic, especially compared to other characters, but in terms of feel and enjoyment, Hulk gets my nod.Marvel Avengers will be out September 4 on Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and PC

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