“Hillary Clinton’s Divisive Language and Mud-Slinging is Exactly Why Over Seventy-Five Percent of Americans Believe Our Country is on the Wrong Track ….”

Today Donald J. Trump for President released a new television ad entitled “Predators,” which takes Hillary Clinton for exposing her own elitist arrogance after calling hard working Americans “super predators,” “basement dwellers,” and “deplorable.” This ad will air in major markets in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“Hillary Clinton’s divisive language and mud-slinging is exactly why over seventy-five percent of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track. Hillary Clinton’s outbursts expose what she really thinks about the American people, and are a direct result of her frustrations that her message falls flat on the ears of hard working Americans who are tired of watching her enrich herself at their expense. A candidate who calls African Americans “Super Predators,” cannot be expected to look after our community, let alone the entire nation.” – Bruce Levell, Executive Director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump

Transcript for “PREDATORS”:

ON-SCREEN: Hillary Clinton on…African American youth

HRC: They are often the kinds of kids that are called “super predators.” No conscience. No empathy.

ON-SCREEN: Hillary Clinton on…Bernie Sanders supporters

Some are new to politics completely… and they are living in their parents’ basement. That is a mindset that is really affecting their politics.

ON-SCREEN: Hillary Clinton on…Donald Trump supporters.

You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.


Super Predators

Basement Dwellers


What elitist arrogance. Say NO to Hillary Clinton

I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.



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