Police release dashcam footage of head-on crash that left 2 ‘critical’

Police in Southern California released dashcam video of a violent head-on crash on a street south of Los Angeles on Monday that left two people hospitalized in critical condition.Santa Ana police say dozens of bystanders witnessed the crash.“Investigators are looking for any potential witnesses who may have observed the original collision between the white Acura and the stake bed truck at the intersection of McFadden Avenue and Riverview Market Place,” the Santa Ana Police Department wrote in a statement with the video.The video shows a white Acura launch into the air, slamming into a semi-truck. It doesn’t show, however, what led up to the crash.F-16 FIGHTER JET CRASHES WHILE TRYING TO LAND AT CALIFORNIA BASE, 12 MINOR INJURIES REPORTEDA group of people rushed to the Acura to flip it over to so the passengers could get out, KCAL-TV of Los Angeles reported.
The driver of the Acura is still in critical condition, police said.
(Santa Ana Police Department )The driver of the Acura and a passenger were hospitalized but the truck driver was uninjured; the driver had life-threatening injuries, KTLA reported. He shared his dashcam video with police.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWitnesses reportedly said they saw a pickup truck run a yellow light, clipping the Acura. Police said the semi-truck was not at fault. The driver of the Acura remains in critical condition, police said.
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