Pelosi: Increased Election Funding So There’s ‘More Vote by Mail’ ‘Associated’ with ‘Coronavirus Necessity List’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that the House is “setting up” to address pensions in the next coronavirus bill, and tied increased election funding so we can have an election with “more vote by mail” to the “coronavirus necessity list” in the House.

Pelosi said, “We need to address pensions. Actually, in that case, we had the support of the president, but not Mitch McConnell. He wouldn’t do it. He said he’d do it in another bill. So, we’re setting up for the next bill.”

Pelosi also listed other priorities, like increased support for hospitals, expanded family medical leave, ensuring more money for DC, increased funding for state and local governments, stronger OSHA rules, and ensuring completely free coronavirus testing.

She concluded, “The list goes on. There [are] so many needs that we have in there that are urgent to this health issue that are specific to the coronavirus. We’re not having a wish list for all time. We’re having a coronavirus necessity list, and associated with that, of course, is more money. We got $400 million for elections. We need much more so that we can have the elections — first of all, to take place and to take place in a way that is more open with more vote by mail and the facilities to do so and to help the Postal Service with resources to enable them to do so, just to name a few.”

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