Passenger shamed for giving herself a ‘pedicure’ on plane

A passenger was caught scrubbing her foot while on a plane.
(Passenger Shaming/Instagram)A woman has been called out on social media for giving her foot a nice scrub — at 36,000 feet.The unnamed airline passenger was recorded using a foot file to grate her foot while sitting in the seat next to the window.’PASSENGER SHAMING’ OUTS SOME OF THE RUDEST AND CRUDEST FLIERS IN THE AIRThe video, which was shared to the Instagram page “Passenger Shaming” earlier this week, and has since been viewed over 150K times, received immediate reactions from people disgusted by the passenger’s shameless grooming.“How is [she] even allowed to do that! Disgusting and I would have raised hell if I were sitting next [to] her. YUCK!!” one person commented.“Are you f—ing kidding me???? I am seriously losing all hope in humanity,” another wrote.AMERICAN AIRLINES PASSENGER KICKED OFF FLIGHT AFTER BUYING SEAT FOR HER $30,000 CELLO“Call the flight attendant and have her tell the pilots to have the cops meet them at the gate because a passenger was intentionally disposing of biohazard material on the plane,” another outraged commenter said.“What in the actual hell is wrong with this woman? So wrong on so many levels,” one wrote.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSThis incident is not the first time travelers have posted their outrage for fellow plane passenger’s activities.Last week, Passenger Shaming posted a photo sent to them of a woman using the plane’s aisle to allow her child to go to the bathroom. The commenters were equally as stunned and critical.Also last week, a man was shamed on a New Jersey train for sanding his foot with a power tool.
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