Parents of Riley Rone Plea to USA Vote For Trump In Memory of Their Son

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Riley Rone’s Dream was to see Donald Trump Elected POTUS

Before his life was tragically cut short in a motorcycle accident, Riley Rone was a HUUUUGE Trump supporter. Trump described Rone as “the biggest supporter I had” and invited his parents onstage at a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to speak about the young man he called “our boy.”

His mother, Barbara, delivered an emotional speech in which she described how much her son “was obsessed” with Trump. She talked about how Trump had written them “a very heart-moving, personal letter” and gave them a call in which he said he would give everything he owned if it would bring back their son. Both parents were on Fox News on November 6th and expressed how amazed they were that Trump stops to think about everyday Americans that he had never even met before. Riley’s mom described how they were watching Trump deliver a speech in a hanger in Florida and shortly after leaving the stage they got a call from him expressing his condolences. Both of Riley’s parents called on all #NeverTrumpers and any undecideds and all Republicans to rally around Trump and vote for Trump Pence ticket on November 8th in honor of their son.