Mysterious car graveyard growing behind homes in suburban lot

A collection of cars has been growing in a green lot in Britain, but they’re as welcome as weeds.

(SWNS)The abandoned vehicles have been popping up in the square of overgrown land nestled in the middle of a block of homes in Walsall over the past year.

(SWNS)Neighboring residents don’t know who has been bringing them there, but tell SWNS that they’ve seen people stripping parts and kids smashing windows.Locals say the plot was empty for years and that they used to grow fruits and vegetables in it, but are now worried someone will set the vehicles on fire.

(SWNS)“My concern is if any of those cars had petrol in the tanks, if they did go up, there’s no easy access for emergency vehicles, so how will they put the fire out? It’s a major problem,” said retired teacher Ann Dutton, 66, who has lived next to the lot for 35 years.
There is only one way in or out.
(SWNS)“It’s just an eyesore. It’s not the most glamorous place to look at. And there are sometimes some unscrupulous people walking about,” according to a man who lives in one of the adjacent homes.

(SWNS)The police and city government have been unable to do anything about the cars to date.“The land is privately owned so we are investigating ownership and what can be done to resolve the issue,” Councilor Garry Perry said.FOLLOW FOX NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION
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