MSNBC’s Ocasio-Cortez Town Hall falls flat, loses to Tucker Carlson in ratings

MSNBC’s Town Hall featuring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., fell flat in the ratings Friday evening, trailing far behind Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”According to Nielsen’s early ratings, the Town Hall hosted by MSNBC’s “All In” host Chris Hayes garnered 1,568,000 total viewers while Carlson’s program had 2,656,000. CNN’s Anderson Cooper came in last with 733,000 total viewers.Fox News drew 420,000 viewers aged 25-54, while the MSNBC town hall had 232,000 viewers and CNN had just 155,000 in the demo, the ratings showed.MSNBC’s 8 p.m. primetime slot featured the freshman congresswoman and other guests discussing the Green New Deal in front of an audience in the Bronx, N.Y.FOX NEWS DOMINATES CNN, MSNBC IN WEDNESDAY PRIMETIME RATINGS, TOPPING BOTH NETWORKS’ COMBINED VIEWERSHIP “So, this issue is not just about our climate. First and foremost we need to save ourselves. Period. There will be no future for the Bronx. There will be no livable future for generations coming,” Ocasio-Cortez said.She defended the resolution she’d co-sponsored and blasted her critics.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOcasio-Cortez also disputed estimated costs of the resolution and dismissed the claim the Green New Deal was socialism saying that climate change “is a problem of market failure externalities in our economics.”Carlson’s 8 p.m. hour, by contrast, featured a look into accusations that an NBC News political editor tried to “intimidate” a reporter on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, among other topics.Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.
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