Mitt Romney and the Never Trumpers need to come together and unite with the Republican Nominee Donald Trump.  Everyone from Laura Ingram, Reince Preibus, Sean Hannity and even Trump and Pence themselves have called for party unity.

Mitt Romney, taking the stance he has taken, has done nothing but cause a firestorm of hate to be directed his way.  Twitter, Facebook and other social networks have thousands of posts trending almost daily now with calls for Romney and the Never Trumpers to quit being cry babies and sore losers and to do their part in bringing the Republican Party together.  Each time Mitt Romney inserts himself in the process he is damaging his reputation and fueling the fire of Trump Supporters to do everything they can to make sure he is not re-elected if he should choose to run again for any political office.

A few of the Mitt Romney comments and memes from social media are shown below.





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