Mario Andretti crashes car at Texas Motor Speedway

Racing legend Mario Andretti crashed a race car at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday, but the 79-year-old was not injured.The 1969 Indy 500 champion was taking someone for a high-speed ride in a two-seat Indycar he drives for promotional events.
Andretti drives this custom two-seat Indycar at select events.
(Getty Images)According to NBC Sports, Andretti spun the car in turn 2 of the high-banked oval, drifted across the track and made contact with the inside wall.“The passenger loved the ride. He hopes we have a video of it. It’s actually the son of my business partner, M.J. Castello. I know the kid well.”MARIO ANDRETTI TALKS TO FOX NEWS AUTOS ABOUT HIS 1969 INDY 500 WINThe speed the car was traveling at the time of the incident was not reported, but Andretti recently told Fox News Autos that he drives it faster than 200 mph at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.“It’s serious business,” Andretti told NBC Sports. “That’s why you sign a release of liability. Look at the millions of miles we have run and have never hurt anybody. The protection in the car is amazing and everybody is fine.MARIO ANDRETTI HAS A HILARIOUS TAKE ON MAKING ELECTRIC CARS LOUDERAndretti was feted at Indianapolis in May to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his Indy 500 victory.FOLLOW FOX NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE
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