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End the War on Christmas

I’m sick and tired of apologizing for traditions that we as Americans hold near and dear to our heart.  Many families have wonderful memories of holidays, Christmas in particular.  This is often one of the few times in a year when everyone makes it a priority to get together and celebrate.

The politicians, lawmakers and others trying to remove “Merry Christmas” from our vocabulary and life need to get a life.  If you want to, shout from the rooftops, Merry Christmas and wear it proudly on a shirt or hat.  The Christmas haters need to stop trying to change our words to more politically correct terms like “Happy Holidays” and others! By the same token, if someone says Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings to you, don’t get offended, consider that they might just be trying to be polite.  Respond by saying “and a Very Merry Christmas to you too!

Leave my Christmas Trees Alone Too!

If I want to have 15 Trees in my yard and one in every room of my house, that is my right as an American citizen.  People need to mind their own business and stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing.  It’s a tree, a family tradition for some, so put one up or ten, whatever makes you and your family happy.