Latest coronavirus cases: 20,014 as of Saturday; 806 deaths

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana health officials released the latest number of COVID-19 cases in the state as of noon Saturday.  There were 20,014 cases and 806 deaths.  Just more than 2,000 people – exactly 2,067 – were hospitalized.  Of those hospitalized, 470 were using ventilators.  As of Saturday, 96,915 tests were completed.

The state releases updated number of COVID-19 patients in Louisiana at noon every day. Scroll to the data in the middle of the page for details.  

A day earlier, state health officials reported 19,253 virus cases in Louisiana and 755 deaths as of Friday. 

>WATCH: Powerful and emotional message from Gov. John Bel Edwards on Good Friday about the pain of coronavirus and importance of staying at home.  Click here to watch.

In East Baton Rouge the coroner’s office is tracking specific death information for patients in EBR. Dr. William “Beau” Clark releases regular updates – click here. 

Specific, parish by parish data is available by navigating to the “By Parish” tab on the data feed in the middle of this story.

The numbers below only show the amount of patients hospitalized and do not indicate if those who are not in the care of doctors, and presumably self-isolating at home and away from people, have fully recovered. The state was pointed in its description of how to describe a recovered patient: “A person is considered recovered when it has been at least seven days after the onset of illness, AND at least three day after resolution of fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications) AND resolution or improvement in respiratory symptoms.” 

Our Lady of the Lake, Baton Rouge General and Ochsner are treating patients.


The below map is provided by the state and is updated at noon daily; Cases released by hospitals or local governments during the day are not reported in the map until the next reporting deadline.

The tabs at the bottom of the map can be used to navigate limited information about the patients, including age groups.

“We know that social distancing efforts work and will in fact flatten the curve. I am imploring all of our people to stay home, slow the spread and save lives,” the governor said in a statement Saturday (April 4).

To combat the spread, the state issued a stay-at-home order beginning Monday, March 23 at 5 p.m.  Many places where gatherings would happen: Bars, dine-in restaurants, gyms, theaters and other businesses were ordered closed earlier in the month.

Click HERE for more information on the order to stay at home. 

The order is set to expire on April 30, unless extended.

Officials are hoping to reach a peak where the virus spread will not top the available healthcare resources in Louisiana. 

The Louisiana Department of Health reported the state’s first positive case of the virus at an Orleans Parish hospital March 9. The Department of Health said the initial case was not travel-related and was “community acquired.” 

The state has launched a hotline to answer the public’s questions about the virus. Anyone looking to use the service can dial 2-1-1 to be connected to the network. Written answers can be answered online at

Click here for more information from the CDC and LDH

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