Lamborghini is recalling the 2020 Aventador SVJ over the potential for owners to get stuck inside
  • Lamborghini is recalling more than two dozen 2020 Aventador SVJ models due to faulty internal door handles that could leave owners trapped inside their cars. 
  • The recall impacts up to 26 Aventador SVJ models built in December 2019 and January 2020. 
  • Lamborghini chalks up the defect to a new employee who may have improperly installed the door handles. 
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The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is known for its meticulous engineering, with a 700-plus-horsepower V12 engine, an active aerodynamics system, and a record-breaking lap time around the Nürburgring. But all of that doesn’t make it immune to pesky recalls, including ones that could leave owners in a tight spot — literally. 

According to NHTSA filings, Lamborghini is recalling more than two dozen 2020 Aventador SVJ Coupe and Roadster models due to a faulty door mechanism that could leave owners trapped inside. Up to 26 Aventador SVJ models built between December 3, 2019 and January 22, 2020 are impacted, and, like most of us when things go wrong, Lamborghini blamed it all on someone else. 

The filings state that the internal door-handle mechanism may fail over time and not allow the car to be unlocked from the inside, “posing an entrapment risk,” but that the exterior handles are unaffected and should continue to work just fine. The issue could become life threatening in a crash, but barring that worst-case scenario, there are certainly worse vehicles to be stuck inside of than a half-million-dollar supercar. 

Lamborghini identified the cause of the defect earlier this year, faulting not itself, but a new factory worker.

“During the assembly a non properly trained new operator may have not correctly engaged the bowden cable pin inside the internal door handles,” Lamborghini wrote in the filings.

Dealers will replace the cars’ internal door handles for free, with owner notifications about the recall going out in May. But in case you can’t keep your SVJ garaged during the wait, take solace in the fact that being trapped in a supercar probably isn’t the worst thing you could be right now

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