Joe Biden: Grads Will ‘Redefine What It Means to be a Global Citizen’

During a brief video to graduates of Delaware State University on Saturday, Joe Biden said some of them will “redefine what it means to be a global citizen.”

The statement is a stark contrast to President Trump’s America First agenda.

“I know these are difficult times for all of us,” Biden said, “And for any of you who might’ve lost loved ones to this pandemic.”

After saying “we’re going to get through this,” he continued, “We’re going to need the passion and ingenuity and the skill that all of you have to offer to help rebuild and transform this country.

“I’m looking forward to all of you becoming leaders, educators, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, artists here in Delaware,” the candidate, dubbed the “last, best hope of globalists,” told grads.

“Many of you will be responsible for developing new technologies,” Biden said.

“Some of you will redefine what it means to be a global citizen and lead the way in uniting people regardless of age, gender, race, or zip code,” he said.

The 97-second video had three clear edits, suggesting Biden couldn’t get all the way through the brief prepared statement.

On Thursday, Biden proposed creating a 100,000-member Public Health Corps. made up of “young people” who would conduct coronavirus contact tracing.

“We have a chance to institutionally change the way this economy functions once we get by this godawful pandemic,” Biden said.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on Saturdays. Follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

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