JEMELE HILL at ESPN Needs to Be Fired NOT Suspended

stopthebull america first flag

ESPN has finally suspended Jemele Hill for her 2nd violation of their social media terms.  She is now playing the race card and its just not right!

Football and the FLAG have nothing to do with Racial Injustice.    Find another way to protest!  Go to Chicago, volunteer locallly, do something good with your passion for your cause but stop disrespecting our Country and the American Flag.

I hate to see anyone lose their job, but your employers social media account is not the place to play the race card.  Do you agree with us that Jemele Hill should be fired?

I challenge you to support our veterans, military and their family members and lets make a united effort to help others.  Just think how truly great America could be again if everyone put as much effort into helping others as they do tearing each other down.  If you really want to make a difference reach out to a true American Hero @RepBrianMast and help him with his efforts to help the military and veterans or these groups helping people in Chicago to stop the Violence