Ingraham: Is Team Obama behind Harris’ surge?

Is former President Barack Obama behind Sen. Kamala Harris’ recent surge?Fox News’ Laura Ingraham believes so and she made her case Monday night on “The Ingraham Angle.”It has been widely reported that the former president made it a point not to come out and support any of the Democratic candidates during the primaries. His former vice president, Joe Biden, has said he requested that his former boss not endorse him to be fair to other candidates.Ingraham said there’s already evidence that Obama is at least on the periphery playing a role in the Harris campaign. Some of his administration’s alums are already working for Harris’ campaign.SOME 2020 DEMS TURN ON KAMALA HARRIS FOR ATTACKING BIDEN, THEN BACKTRACKING”And who doubts, come on, that Kamala and her team are in contact with the Obamas,” Ingraham said.Ingraham said that Harris will do anything to be president including unfairly smearing Biden.”She’ll say and do anything to win including bloodying up Biden with a vicious racial smear,” Ingraham said.The Fox News host said Harris needs to defeat Biden and win over black voters.”He’s the only real challenge standing in the way of her claiming the Obama mantle because what could be more historic following the first male African-American president than four years later the first female African-American president and to beat him she has to win over black voters,” Ingraham said.CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIngraham blasted Harris’ $100 billion housing plan that will fund down payments and closing costs African-Americans calling it “racial pandering” and asking about the wealth gap for Hispanics and Native Americans.”Well this is clearly racial pandering of the worst sort but it’s designed to appeal voters away from Joe Biden,” Ingraham said.
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