If it’s in your budget, we can’t recommend Boll & Branch’s eco-friendly mattress enough

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boll and branch mattress review

Boll & Branch

  • The Boll & Branch Mattress creates a perfect balance between firmness and comfort, featuring eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, tree-derived latex, and more.
  • Each mattress is made to order and hand-crafted in the US. 
  • It’s expensive and starts at $1,800 for a Twin, but the quality and attention to detail make it worth the cost if you have the budget.
  • According to the brand, it’s working with its delivery carriers in different locations amid the novel coronavirus pandemic to make the call to continue delivering and setting up mattresses inside a shopper’s home, or leaving it outside, like on the porch. It’s also allowing shoppers to postpone delivery dates.
  • As part of a larger group with other brands, Boll & Branch is also giving shoppers a 10% discount on all purchases with the code “GOODNESS”. Ten percent of proceeds from your purchase goes toward the funding of manufacturing mattresses and pillows to donate to emergency medical operations.
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Getting its start as a bedding company in 2014, Boll & Branch has become well-known for its luxurious Classic Hemmed Sheets, made with Fair Trade Certified organic cotton.

Last year, the company has introduced a hand-crafted mattress to its product line-up. The Boll & Branch Mattress keeps all the important qualities that have made its sheets so popular — fair-trade materials that are ethically sourced and naturally derived — and provides the same level of balanced comfort needed for quality sleep.

The Boll & Branch Mattress isn’t a bed-in-a-box; instead, it’s made to order and hand-crafted in the US

I tested the Boll & Branch mattress with my partner and can confidently say that this is a mattress even Goldilocks would approve. It feels just right in terms of firmness, comfort, and support for me.

This is not a bed-in-a-box situation, so there’s no unrolling or off-gassing involved here. Boll & Branch provides a white glove delivery service, complete with the offer to take your old mattress off your hands.

Our mattress took several weeks to arrive because each mattress is made to order and hand-crafted in the US. While that wait time isn’t necessarily convenient, especially if you’re in a hurry to replace an old mattress, I’d say it’s worth the wait. The quality of this mattress shows both in its construction and its level of comfort.

The mattress has five supportive layers made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, breathable wool, tree-derived latex, and more

boll branch mattress 2

Boll & Branch

The Boll & Branch is comprised of five layers.  

The soft wool and poly blend topper is surrounded by a layer of breathable, organic cotton. Just beneath the topper is a layer of graphite-infused latex which creates a natural cooling effect, and another layer of tree-derived latex for stability.

Below these layers is where the micro-coils sit to prevent motion transfer and provide greater airflow, and just beneath the micro-coil layer are the foundational coils, which provide even support throughout the mattress. If eco-friendly products are important to you, you’ll appreciate that the materials are naturally derived and ethically sourced. But note that the mattress is still made with latex, albeit derived from trees, so if you have an allergy, it might not work for you.

Hand-sewn tufts allow the top layer of the mattress to be held together without any glue, but I found that they did create hard spots on the surface of the mattress. These could be an annoyance if you were leaning on your elbows while reading in bed and accidentally leaned on one. However, I didn’t experience any issues while sleeping on my stomach or side, and my partner, who sleeps on his back, also slept comfortably through the night.

The mattress offers comfortable medium-firm support, minimized motion transfer, and prevented my partner and me from overheating

If you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress, I would highly recommend the Boll & Branch. It provides support without feeling too hard, and I could sleep comfortably through the night without any aches or pains in the morning. In my opinion, its level of firmness makes it suitable for all sleeping positions.

I’m a light sleeper who frequently wakes up multiple times during the night, but while sleeping on this mattress, I woke up far less often than usual — even with our new kitten bouncing around on the bed and my partner rolling over in the night. I definitely attribute this to the combination of micro coils and latex that help minimize motion transfer.

The graphite-infused layer of latex also seemed to do its job — neither my partner nor I felt like we were overheating during the night. This mattress won’t absorb heat, which makes it great for those who tend to sleep hot.

A Queen costs $2,500 so it’s extremely expensive, but any good mattress should be an investment in your sleep quality

With a Twin starting at $1,800, the Boll & Branch mattress is definitely an investment. However, it’s a worthwhile one considering your mattress has a huge impact on how you sleep at night, and thus, your quality of life during the day. My Queen mattress would’ve cost me $2,500 if the company didn’t provide me with a free unit to test. The mattress doesn’t skimp on its attention to detail, with natural materials you can feel good about sleeping on, and handcrafted construction that ensures durability.

Additional features like the white-glove delivery service also make the Boll & Branch mattress worth the price.

If you’re still unsure whether you’ll like this mattress, it comes with a 100-night trial so you can make sure it will meet your needs. According to Gear Patrol, it’s a perfect fit for those who “value ethical business practices working to make high-quality products” and it’s deemed as “exceptionally comfortable” — a description with which I heartily agree.

The Boll & Branch is available in Queen, King, and California King sizes, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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