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    I went on Norwegian Cruise Line’s first US sailing for vaccinated travelers

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    Author selfie with Norwegian Cruise Line ship

    The writer embarks on Norwegian’s first comeback cruise to Alaska.
    Lori A. May/Insider

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    • Norwegian Cruise Line is sailing from US ports again with a 100% vaccination policy, no exceptions.
    • COVID-19 tests are still given so everyone may cruise without social distancing or wearing a mask.
    • I traveled on Norwegian and felt so safe with the guidelines, I can’t wait to sail mask-free again.

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    I’m an avid cruiser with dozens of sailings to my credit across multiple cruise lines. So, I was thrilled to be among a small group of media guests invited to join the first comeback cruise from a U.S. port with Norwegian Cruise Line on the Norwegian Encore, sailing from Seattle to Alaska.

    I’ve sailed with NCL many times, but this one felt extra special as the cruise line made its long-awaited return to my home port of Seattle. This was also my first time cruising since COVID and I was curious to see whether I would feel safe enough to enjoy it. 

    NCL’s health and safety protocols are operating with reduced capacity and require all guests and crew to be fully vaccinated, with no exceptions. Still, guests must undergo rapid COVID testing on the day of embarkation, which not only reassured me but meant we could go mask-free while on the ship.  

    I loved sailing with these new protocols and can’t wait to sail mask-free with NCL again. Here’s what my experience was like.

    Here’s what it was like to sail on Norwegian Cruise Line ship for vaccinated guests.

    Pre-boarding COVID testing

    Guests viewing a presentation aboard NCL vaccinated cruise

    Guests awaiting rapid tests prior to boarding. Everyone wore a mask while awaiting their results.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    A lengthy line led into the testing center, located within a conference room at a neighboring port hotel. But considering a few thousand people were getting tested on the same day, the experience was quite efficient and the test itself only took a minute.

    I waited for my results in a crowded room of eager cruisers, but everyone wore masks so I wasn’t too worried about the large group. 

    Test results take anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours, depending on how many were being conducted at a given time. My own negative results came through about an hour after arrival.

    Checking in to my stateroom

    Towel folded to mimic an animal with sunglasses on

    Cabin stewards still create towel animals as part of stateroom cleaning and turndown service.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    At check-in, I was surprised to find that there was no line. I walked right up to the desk, received my stateroom key, and immediately boarded. It was one of the fastest processes I’ve ever experienced on a cruise.

    I was booked in a standard balcony stateroom on Deck 11, Forward, with approximately 300 square feet and one Queen bed. I dropped off my luggage and briefly met my cabin steward who noted rooms would be cleaned once per day. As expected, mine was already sparkling clean with a towel animal on the bed to greet me.

    Dining on board

    Appetizer and quiche at buffet on NCL cruise

    Norwegian Encore has mini buffets in observation lounges, in addition to the Garden Café buffet.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    With reduced capacity, there was never a wait to be seated at dining venues.

    There were several free dining venues on Encore, in addition to a la carte specialty restaurants including Italian fare, traditional Mexican, a steakhouse, and fine French dining. There were also two options for outdoor seating and taco and pizza spots for quick bites.

    And since everyone on board was vaccinated, guests were able to partake in the classic cruise buffet experience. The Garden Café buffet was easy to navigate with several food stations and the crew was always on hand to tidy spills and routinely replace utensils.

    Celebrating missed milestones

    Christmas buffet aboard NCL Encore vaccinated cruise

    Norwegian Encore helped buffet guests celebrate missed holidays and milestones.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    On the first full day of sailing, the buffet served a special lunch to help guests celebrate all the milestones and celebrations missed during the pandemic.

    There were stations dedicated to anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, graduation, and more.

    Norweigan Cruise Line crew member next to sanitizer station

    NCL’s crew are well-known for their washy-washy song, encouraging guests to wash up before heading into dining areas.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    While guests don’t need to wear masks, even at indoor venues, the crew consistently wore them. The crew must also be vaccinated, but this extra layer of safety seemed to put some guests at ease. 

    It was wonderful to see how happy the crew were to be back to work. They put a smile on my face every day, whether it was hearing them sing their “washy washy” song by the sanitizer stations or creating cute towel animals in my stateroom every day.


    People in line waiting for busses

    NCL guests waiting to board shuttle buses back to The Mill at Ward Cove.
    Lori A. May/Insider

    However, for those who wanted to go into downtown Ketchikan, the shuttle bus system was quite time-consuming.

    Guests were required to first receive a ticket for the shuttle, then wait to board, and then take the drive into town, and then endure a lengthy wait to return, all of which ate up valuable port time. This was really the only time I saw people clustered together.

    The bottom line

    On this reduced capacity sailing, there was never a wait for anything, whether in the spa, on the pool deck, or even in the casino.

    And, with staggered entry and exit at ports of call, there wasn’t the usual mad rush to get off the ship. There was some crowding in ports, but mostly due to a shuttle system that could use improvements. 

    Mostly, though, I loved sailing on a 100% vaccinated cruise. I felt confident in NCL’s health protocols, and safe knowing that everyone around me was vaccinated and tested negative prior to boarding. Most of all, I appreciated that I could enjoy going mask-free without lines or venue restrictions. 

    I’ve heard of no COVID cases on my sailing, either. That doesn’t guarantee that no cases happened, but to my knowledge, none were discovered. In fact, the only NCL cruise that has reported a positive case was one where a vaccinated guest tested positive prior to the cruise and therefore couldn’t board.

    Finally, right now is a great time to sail with fewer crowds and many deals, including discounts on purchases made on the ship. 

    I simply can’t wait to book my next mask-free cruise. 

    Book a Norwegian Cruise Line sailing starting at $299 per person

    FAQ: Norwegian Cruise Line

    When is Norwegian Cruise Line sailing again? 

    Now! Norwegian Cruise Line first returned to sailing in the Greek Isles this summer, while their first cruise from a U.S. port in over 500 days started in Seattle in August 2021 to relaunch the Alaska cruise season. The first sailings to relaunch from Los Angeles will take place in October 2021 aboard the Norwegian Bliss. 

    Will Norwegian Cruise Lines require a COVID vaccine?

    Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line is sailing with a 100% vaccination requirement for crew and guests, no exceptions. While that means younger kids who don’t yet qualify for vaccination aren’t able to sail quite yet, it does mean guests are assured that all fellow passengers are completely vaccinated. 

    Ships have also been fitted with medical-grade air filtration systems and are constantly cleaned and sanitized. A dedicated Public Health Officer oversees each sailing to ensure no suspicious sniffle goes undiagnosed.  

    I’m vaccinated. Do I still have to take a COVID test before sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line? 

    Yes, in addition to the 100% vaccination policy, all NCL guests must currently take a pre-cruise COVID test on the day of embarkation. This test is administered and paid for by the cruise line, so passengers won’t have to make their own arrangements or spend extra money. Rapid tests are conducted at the port, prior to boarding. 

    My kids aren’t vaccinated. Can they cruise with me?

    Since the policy prohibits minors who aren’t yet eligible for vaccines to sail, only vaccinated children can cruise right now. The youngest cruisers I noticed during my cruise were tweens and teens.

    Are masks required on board Norwegian Cruise Line? 

    At no point aboard the ship are passengers required to wear masks. The vaccination and testing requirement combined means guests can enjoy all parts of the ship without social distancing or wearing a mask.

    However, when visiting ports of call, passengers will need to follow local health guidelines, including mask mandates where applicable. 

    How else is NCL ensuring guest safety aboard their cruises?

    Norwegian Cruise Line has a new, staggered embarkation process to streamline check-in and get passengers on their way to vacation fun faster than ever. Boarding documentation is handled electronically to speed up the process and reduce touch points. 

    On board, guests will enjoy a reduced capacity sailing, which means there’s never a wait for the water slides or finding loungers by the pool. Reservations for specialty restaurants are all done electronically, too, with the Cruise Norwegian App, which is free for everyone to use, no internet required. 

    Is Encore the newest ship from Norwegian Cruise Line? 

    Norwegian Bliss debuted in April 2018 and then Norwegian Encore first set sail in November 2019 as the newest ship, right before the pandemic hit. 

    The next ship to debut from NCL is Norwegian Prima, which will start its inaugural celebrations in late 2022 before home porting in Galveston, Texas for the 2023 and 2024 season. Tony Award-nominated musical “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” will be the headlining show for Norwegian Prima, and ports of call will include Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan Island, Honduras; and Harvest Caye, Norwegian’s private island destination in Belize.

    Lori A. May

    Freelance Reporter

    Lori A. May is happiest when surrounded by palm trees and ocean waves. As an avid traveler and photographer, Lori shares her expertise with a variety of publications including Best Life, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Time Out. Bicoastal and ever in search of the perfect cup of coffee, Lori also teaches in the creative writing MFA at University of King’s College-Halifax. Find her online at www.loriamay.com and @loriamay.

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