How to send videos on Discord using your computer

Video links sent on Discord, like from YouTube, will automatically embed when you send them. 

You can also send video files in Discord, as long as it’s the appropriate file type, and small enough file size. With a basic Discord account you can send files up to 8 MB in size; with a Nitro account, you can send up to 50 MB in file size. 

Here’s how to do it on your Mac or PC.  

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How to send videos on Discord

1. Make sure your video is the correct file type. Discord supports mp4, webm and mov file types.

2. In the Discord app on your Mac or PC, click the ” ” icon in the Discord messaging bar for the channel you’re looking to send the video to, and find the video that you want to send.

3. The video will embed and people will be able to watch the content from within the Discord application, without needing to download the video file.

How to send videos on Discord

The video should embed in the channel you sent it to.

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