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    How to delete your TikTok account permanently

    How to delete your TikTok account permanently

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    It’s easy to delete your TikTok account through the app.
    • To delete TikTok, tap the three-dot menu in your profile tab, then tap “Manage my account” and “Delete account.”
    • Once you confirm your decision, your account will be “deactivated” for 30 days. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.
    • If you never signed up for a TikTok account, you can just uninstall the app. 
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    Whether you have privacy concerns or you’re troubled by what short-form videos might be doing to your attention span, there are valid reasons why it may be time to delete your TikTok account. 

    If you do choose to delete your TikTok, keep in mind that all of your videos will be deleted unless it was saved or downloaded by another user. So before you do the deed, make sure to save any favorite videos on your phone

    Once you back up the videos you’d like to keep, here’s how to say goodbye to TikTok for good.

    After you delete your account, the last and final step to permanently deleting TikTok is to uninstall the app from your phone.

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