2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 test driveThe 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is no one-trick pony. The most powerful Ford ever is as happy on a twisty track as it is on a drag strip, Fox News Automotive Editor Gary Gastelu says.Ford’s upcoming electric SUV has been caught on camera ahead of its official reveal on Nov. 17.

(Brian Williams)The battery-powered vehicle was photographed at a Ford development center disguised only by a patterned wrap.

(Brian Williams)The compact utility vehicle appears to live up to its “Mustang-inspired” billing, with headlights and taillights that clearly evoke the pony car’s. Its sculpted flanks and bulging fenders also hint at its promised position as a performance offering. The Ford is set to compete with Tesla’s $39,000 Model Y when they both go on sale next year.

(Brian Williams)Ford has so far released few details about the model, but said it will “go like hell” and come in at least one configuration with a range of at least 300 miles per charge. A since-deleted line in a press release from the Ford’s charging network partner, Electrify America, said that the 300-mile edition has rear-wheel-drive and an “extended battery pack,” suggesting the vehicle will also be available with smaller batteries and possibly all-wheel-drive, like the Tesla is.

(Brian Williams)The name of the vehicle is still unknown outside of Ford, but the automaker called it the Mach 1 when it announced plans for it nearly two years ago and has since secured a trademark for the Mach E name.Pricing and expected sales volumes for the Mexican-made vehicle have not been revealed, but it will be the first of a range of electric cars and trucks on the way from Ford in the coming years that includes a battery-powered Ford F-150 and collaboration with startup electric pickup and SUV-builder Rivian.FOLLOW FOX NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK TO VOTE AND COMMENT:CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
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