GrubHub Shares Decline After CEO Ask Pro Trump Employees to Resign

GrubHub CEO, Matt Maloney, is verging on the edge of insanity by suggesting any employees who are pro Trump should reply with their resignation letters to a letter he sent out after the historical election of Donald J. Trump.

Grubhub is a popular online food delivery service, I have used their app in the past myself.

When asked for comment by Fox News, Maloney told Fox News that  “almost 20 percent” of his employees have personally thanked him for the note. “I am not embarrassed by it,” he said.  However, I like many, will not be using them again until the Board at Grubhub replaces their current CEO, Matt Maloney.

Matt Maloney, an outspoken Hillary supporter, issued this press release a day later:

Inclusion and Tolerance in the Workplace

This year’s presidential election was undoubtedly divisive and left many of our employees feeling concerned. In response, I wrote a company-wide email that was intended to advocate for inclusion and tolerance, regardless of political affiliation, during this time of transition for our country.

Some of the statements in my email (please see full text below) have been misconstrued. I want to clarify that I did not ask for anyone to resign if they voted for Trump. I would never make such a demand. To the contrary, the message of the email is that we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace, and that we will stand up for our employees.

Grubhub welcomes and accepts employees with all political beliefs, no matter who they voted for in this or any election. We do not discriminate on the basis of someone’s principles, or political or other beliefs.

I deeply respect the right of all citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice. In fact, I offered extra flexibility on Tuesday and encouraged all our employees to go vote. There is a place for all points of view at Grubhub. We value diverse perspectives and believe those perspectives help to create a better product and a better workplace culture.

Grubhub’s leadership team has worked for years to create a culture of support and inclusiveness. I firmly believe that we must bring together different perspectives to continue innovating. We are better, faster and stronger together, and so is America.

Source of Press Release:  Grubhub Pressroom

Grubhub Shares Are Now down 9.4%

Grubhub shares are down 9.4% over the past two days due to the offensive comments about the presidential election from CEO and Founder Matt Maloney.

View Matt Maloney CEO of Grubhub letter below:

grubhub letter matt maloney stopthebull


I for one, am sick of being called a racist, and worse by the Hillary supporters and campaign.  You can disagree with someone without being a racist.  They are the ones that sent the #Birddoggers and other plants throughout the entire last year to incite violence and more.  Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was so flawed from the beginning that they had to do something to try to win so they stooped about as low as you can go and started riots, used hate speech, cheats and more to try to gain an advantage but the American people are too smart to fall for their tricks now.  How do you feel about Matt Maloney and Grubhub now?