Foreign Donations Wikileaks Batch 25 Podesta Emails Just Released

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Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Podesta Email Batch 25 Just Released

Some highlights of today’s Wikileaks Podesta Email release are:

WikiLeaks: ‘Kept Me Out of Jail’: Top DOJ Official Involved in Clinton Probe Represented Her Campaign Chairman #DOJ

Google Founder is in Hillary’s Corner Big Time and Drafts Strategic Plan

Bernie needs to be Ground to a Pulp Crush him as hard as you can.” Joel Johnson, Clinton insider, DC lobbyist

From Day 25 of Wikileaks release we continue to uncover just how corrupt Hillary Clinton and her team are. Fallout continues from yesterday’s release regarding debate questions being turned over to Hillary Clinton by @DonnaBrazile. Even though CNN fired her, the DNC has yet to remove her or even explain why they didn’t disclose they had been given the questions in advance.

Do you trust politicians from either party anymore? Do you support term limits? CommentsOne of my Favorites from Today: Concern Over Why She Started in Politics Story Changing welcome below!