Equity Monday: Food delivery economics, and global layoffs

A few housekeeping notes. First, the main, long-from Equity episodes still drop every Friday, so if you are behind, check your podcast feed. Also, we’re running a listener survey which you can find here, in the last ep’s shownotes. And finally, I am off next week, so Danny Crichton will take over Equity Monday for us. I’ll be right back.
All that behind us, here’s what we talked about this morning:
This essay from The Margins that was the best thing anyone talked about on Twitter this weekend
SoftBank slides are out, and they are quite a lot
Jack Ma quit SoftBank’s board
Looking ahead, Nvidia and HPE report earnings, Build is happening, and we’re anticipating another week of COVID-19 news.
Hello Customer raised €6 million according to Tech.EU, while Pennylane raised €4 million, also according to the Europe-focused technology publication.
And this morning I was taken in by the news that Swiggy is cutting around one-seventh of its staff. News that the Indian food delivery was reducing headcount came Zomato, a local rival, was also cutting staff. Not a great trend. The Indian startup market has become important and large, making these layoffs all the more worrisome.
Equity will be back Friday morning with more. Welcome to the week!
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