According to newly published emails from WikiLeaks, roughly nine Months ago Hillary Clinton’s team created a gameplan on how to respond to questions about Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual misconduct and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of her husband’s accusers. They knew it there was a chance Sanders or Trump could bring one or more of these scandals up at some point and they wanted HRC prepared.

The emails revealed by Wikileaks discuss in detail the questions Hillary Clinton could face about the women who’ve accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape and answers she should give. One email from March even had a complete 157 page debate prep book attached from Campaign Manager Robby Mook.

The debate prep book was divided into three sections:

  • Personal/political
  • Domestic and foreign policy
  • 58 Other topics, ranging from “Can the American people trust you?” to “Should we call this ‘Islamic terrorism?’”

Topic 14 was “William Jefferson Clinton” WJC

What do you say to the women making accusations?” Specifically, the question asked if Hillary Clinton’s actions helping her husband “cast doubt on these women’s stories” was “in line with feminism.”

Clinton’s suggested strategy, as it was for many answers in the prep book, was to dismiss the questions as off-base and outdated where possible and then pivot to her vision for the country.

“That’s not true,” the first point of a five-point answer began. “And all of this was fought out in the 90’s. I understand that now people want to bring it back for their own political reasons.”

Download the Debate Prep Book Here at Wikileaks

If you search Wikileaks you will see a number of emails regarding debate prep that are very interesting!

In emails leaked this week, you see a list of companies that are working with Hillary Clinton on Debate prep and actively involved in messaging.

  • WC.COM

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