Donald Trump Mike Pence and Ben Carson on Obamacare in Valley Forge PA

Donald Trump The Next President of the United States on Obamacare in Valley Forge PA with Mike Pence and Ben Carson.

The plan is for the republicans to replace Obamacare, create 25 million new jobs, lower taxes, reform our tax system and renegotiate trade deals while eliminating red tape in Washington DC.  They also plan to rebuild the Military, bring law and order to every community, take care of our Veterans and give parents more Education choices for their children.  Today’s speech goes into detail the plans to replace Obamacare.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump highlight the new astronomical increase in prices for Obamacare and how every single republican voted against Obamacare.  They also highlighted how Obama promised lower costs, lower deductibles, that you could keep your doctor and plan ….. all of which have proved to be 100% False.