Dog the Bounty Hunter says he’s lost 17 pounds since wife Beth’s death

Dog the Bounty Hunter said he lost 17 pounds during a two week period since his wife Beth lost her nearly two-year battle with throat cancer last month at the age of 51.”I can’t eat. Two bites, I’m full. I got to force feed myself like I force fed her,” Duane “Dog” Chapman said during a sit down interview with Entertainment Tonight in his Colorado home. He said his late wife used to help him read the menu at restaurants since his eyesight is failing. Now he avoids eating out because he “can’t see the freakin’ menu.”DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER ON WIFE’S PASSING: ‘BETH ISN’T DEAD, SHE’S SLEEPING’“I’m having a hard time ordering food. I’ve lost 17 pounds. Chewing ice helps, and I’ve lost 17 pounds in about two weeks,” he said. He also said he no longer sleeps soundly. The 66-year-old reality star said he used to wake up in the middle of the night when Beth was still alive to make sure she was still breathing. Now when he wakes up, he said he doesn’t understand right away why she’s not beside him.Dog said he is ready to join his wife in heaven but does not contemplate suicide. For now, he said he uses his time on earth to help others experiencing the loss of a loved one. He described how one man came up to him recently who said he lost his wife six months ago.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”I hugged him and I felt a connection like, boom, instantly brotherhood, right,” he shared. “So when you go through something and somebody else [goes through the same thing], there’s something there. That’s why I’m going through it, but I use that thing that’s bad to help me help others.”
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